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Hello everyone, my name is Gamerrobloxian, i'm a gamer and an artist, i draw roblox art that is based on myself, my characters that i use most is coolrobloxian, Gamerrobloxian, demonrobloxian, Nicerobloxian, magerobloxian, and Janyel, hope u all love art.

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Hello everyone, i just wanna send you all this that i won't abandon my newgrounds account, all my new and old art will come here and be a part of the family, deviantart, i heard what they have become and it just disgust me, staffs ban people for little to no reasons, they took away my fans and friends that i counted on and respect, and made my life so boring and scarce, so i joined here to regain my fanbase and to make new friends, i hope ya'll understand, because deviantart was my home and what they turned just makes me leave and never come back, and others would do the same, the staffs are horrible inexperienced staffs that are just artist that clearly don't know how to work with deviantart and its so short, so they hired robots to immediately break the website and started banning tons of people that did nothing and there has been more minors encountering porn and fetishes and its horrible to see that, even there are pedo's in deviantart, i saw this one account that shows actual pictures of minors being intervened in sexual activities and trust me, i wanted to cry and literally call the cops on the user, if any of you are planning on making a deviantart account, skip it and come here, its much better, sure there are porn but at least there's a setting were you don't have to look at it, anyway, my arts got a lot of praised in deviantart when the robloxian crew existed and i was hoping they would become a success and become like an anime or a widely fanbased group, but deviantart really love taking that away due to their robots taking control, here's my account iu_95645_7863512.jpgiu_95646_7863512.jpg Here are the fanarts i've gotten and how much my robloxian's were praised by these artist (Some are them are good but there are some that are so f**king fantastic, this is how much they were praised, i hope you guys enjoy (and my robloxian's were gonna be part of an anime animation but sadly, that won't happen)


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