Hello everyone, my name is Gamerrobloxian, i'm a gamer and an artist, i draw roblox art that is based on myself, my characters that i use most is coolrobloxian, Gamerrobloxian, demonrobloxian, Nicerobloxian, magerobloxian, and Janyel, hope u all love art.

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iu_388883_7863512.webp yeah, i tried getting pass this banned because after learning from my mistakes, i decided to change and to become a much better person and to follow the rules, and it was working, but then after they knew it was me, they terminated me and banned me permanently, if i try this again, there's a chance i can be ip banned and never return to deviantart, deviantart is a home i love to post my art and to make new friends and to post my art and to grow as a full time artist, and not only that, the friends i was making were amazing, i especially got to meet big time artist that were larger then me and it made me feel very happy to grow a bond, but sadly, deviantart don't accept second chances and i got kicked, banned, and shut down, but don't worry, i'll still make art and post on other social media's, hope ya'll have a good day, and i'll try to recover from this, have an awesome day everyone and stay safe ^^

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